XANTHI 08/04/2017




FERES, THRACE 11/03/2017

A seminar about Thracian tradition, dances, songs and customs held in Feres of Evros, Thrace.
The great feast after the seminar is scheduled on Saturday, 11/03/2017, Evritiki Zygia and Nikos Mpozoglou playing the music.



ΚΟΜΟΤINI 17/02/2017

Central Park of Komotini, 21.00 a.m.
Organized by the Evrites Rodopis Association.


DRAMA 11/02/2017


KAVALA 12/02/2017



The official presentation of our new album inThessaloniki! 
The presentation is taking place through a great performance, including customs, costumes, music,. songs, dances and other cultural elements of the area of Makra Gefira, Eastern Thrace.
Thessaloniki, Function Hall of the Aristotle University.

Sunday, 05/02, 7.30 PM.




ΑTHENS 22/01/2017

A special concert in Athens by Evritiki Zygia!
Six d.o.g.s., 22.00 a.m.
Entrance 6 Euro.


ΒRUSSELS 17/12/2016

Evritiki Zygia is performing at the annual feast of the Thrakiotes Association in Brussels!