In the spirit of these days, we present you the new official studio recording of Evritiki Zygia. It is a customary song of Eastern Rumelia - Northern Thrace, the "Kales Kamiles" (Good Camels), played by musicians during the Thracian custom of Camels and encountered with different variations throughout almost the wider territory of Thrace. According to historical sources, this song comes from the Great Monastery of Eastern Rumelia and was being played during the big feast on the first day of the New Year, when it took place and the Custom of Camels,  by the traditional instruments of the region, which was the bagpipes, the flute, the lyre, the kaval, the accordion, the violin and of course the davul. Refugees from the Great and Small Monastery of Eastern Rumelia are identified today in various cities and villages of Greece, including Aeginio of Pieria, Trikala of  Imathia, New Monastery of Domokos and the Great Monastery of Larisa, where of course the inhabitants of these regions keep alive the traditions and customs of their ancestors and  revive them unchanged every year, with the same songs and dances  as the old ones...

The musical phrases that make up this recording are original recordings of old musicians of northern Thrace, that are still being played even by the modern musicians of those regions.

Special thanks go to Ioannis Prantzidis and Dimos Prantzidis from Aeginio of Pieria for the valuable information they gave us about this song and how to run it, as well as Alexandros Karadedos and Konstantinos Katsantouras from Alexandroupolis for the concession of their personal musical recordings, which have been used to a large extent during the recording of the song.

Best wishes to all of you for the new year, with health, happiness and beautiful authentic and meaningful moments with people and places you love.

Good listening ...


Kales Kamiles (Good Camels)-Zwnaradiko dance from Nothern Thrace